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Salami Sampler Set | $30.00


Introduce yourself to the wonderful world of salami with a hand-picked selection of four of our favorite varieties:

Calabrese – zesty with red chili pepper

Genoa – cracked black pepper and fresh garlic

Sopressata – sweet fennel with a mild hint of chili pepper

Italian Dry – the San Francisco original, California red wine and a hint of garlic

Price includes shipping as well as a fun wine, beer and cheese pairing suggestion guide.

We currently only ship within the continental United States. Our salami does not require refrigeration during shipping, however we recommend refrigerating once it arrives and after opening.

crafted in san francisco

We’ve been committed to crafting great-tasting salami and deli meats for 100 years. And while a lot about us has changed since our founding in 1917, the best things have stayed the same.

Three slices of Columbus Salami on a black slatesprinkled with black peppercorns and a glass of red wine


Columbus was founded on a stubborn pursuit of perfect taste.

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We use only premium cuts of pork and beef, and whole chicken and turkey breasts in our products—never the “chopped and formed” meat others use.

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We use a special blend of spices —each one carefully sourced and chosen to highlight the flavor of the meat.

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From slow-aging our salami to curing our Italian specialties and slow roasting our deli meats. We don’t take shortcuts.

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We’re committed to using more natural ingredients which includes some products made from animals raised without antibiotics.


Our relentless passion for crafting great-tasting meat inspires all our products. Your journey of discovery starts here.


Whole cuts of meat, the best ingredients, and slow cooking make our deli meats second to none. See why butchers approve.


Crafting salami is an art and a science – and something our master salumieri (expert salami makers) do with passion.

Italian Specials

Our Italian style meats are made with the finest cuts of meat, our special blend of spices, and are traditionally cooked and cured to perfection.


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