COLUMBUS® Handcrafted Charcuterie

Learn more about this exciting new charcuterie experience from Evan Inada, COLUMBUS® Craft Meats charcuterie director.



How to create and enjoy Perfect Charcuterie Bites from this board

With Perfect Charcuterie Bite, we’re sharing our spirit of creativity and discovery. It’s next-level charcuterie.


Taking your board to the next level

If you’re new to the charcuterie experience, building flavor on a charcuterie board is simple with the combination of quality COLUMBUS® meats paired with the selection of bold artisan cheeses and sweet, acid and crunch elements to awaken all the taste buds.





Pairing Recommendations from our Experts

This charcuterie kit is loaded with bold and exciting flavor combinations made up of quality ingredients crafted to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Enjoy with these drink recommendations from our experts for the ultimate experience.