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                                                                          Craft Meats and Whiskey Tasting Board
                                                                          Craft Meats and Beer Tasting Board
                                                                          Spicy Mulled Apple Cider
                                                                          Full Bodied Red Mulled Wine
                                                                          Mulled Apple Cider
                                                                          White Mulled Wine
                                                                          Mulled Cider with Cranberry Juice
                                                                          Mulled Rosé
                                                                          Charcuterie Board Cones
                                                                          Parmesan Charcuterie Cones
                                                                          Cheddar Charcuterie Cones
                                                                          Savory Charcuterie Cones
                                                                          Panino Egg Dippers
                                                                          White Wine with Charcuterie Skewer
                                                                          Prosecco Melon
                                                                          Bloody Mary Flight
                                                                          Edible Charcuterie Board
                                                                          North Beach Burrata Toast
                                                                          Olive Oil Tasting Board
                                                                          Spanish Sweet Potato Toasts
                                                                          Wild Mushroom Prosciutto Toasts
                                                                          Salame Brunch Toast
                                                                          Potato and Pancetta Pizza
                                                                          Salami, Pesto and Sun-dried Tomato Pizza
                                                                          Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza
                                                                          Chorizo and Roasted Poblano Pizza with Pickled Red Onions
                                                                          Italian Dry Salami, Hot Cherry Peppers and Red Onion Pizza
                                                                          Hot Sopressata, Red Onion and Jalapeno Pizza with Hot Chili Oil and Honey
                                                                          Zesty Italian Pasta Salad with Hot Sopressata
                                                                          Creamy Pasta Salad with Finocchiona Salame
                                                                          Antipasto Salad
                                                                          Fried Green Tomatoes with Prosciutto and Lemon Aioli
                                                                          Prosciutto, Heirloom Tomato, Peach and Burrata Salad
                                                                          Risotto with Calabrese Salami and Mushrooms
                                                                          Linguine with Clams and Chorizo
                                                                          Pasta with Summer Squash, Genoa Salami and Ricotta
                                                                          Pasta with Asparagus and Crispy Prosciutto
                                                                          Roast Beef, Avocado & Marinated Onion Sandwich with Pesto Mayo
                                                                          Italian Sandwich
                                                                          Italian Dry Salami Pasta Carbonara
                                                                          Dirty Martini
                                                                          Pancetta and Creamy Leek Pappardelle
                                                                          Grown Up Grilled Cheese
                                                                          Italian Paninos
                                                                          Salami & Pickle Grilled Cheese
                                                                          Pancetta with Whipped Ricotta and Eggs
                                                                          Prosciutto Ricotta Toast with Sour Cherry Jam
                                                                          Pancetta-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin with Mustard and Sage
                                                                          Grilled Pancetta-Wrapped Filet Mignon
                                                                          Grilled Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken Breasts
                                                                          Hot Sopressata Shakshuka
                                                                          Salame Polenta Egg Casserole
                                                                          Chorizo Guacamole Wonton Cups
                                                                          Prosciutto and Avocado Pesto Sandwich Bites