Dirty Martini

Dirty Martini

A dirty martini featuring COLUMBUS® Cacciatore Salami is sure to spice up your party. An ideal garnish for this classic cocktail with olives, gin or vodka, and dry vermouth, it adds a fun conversation starter among charcuterie loving company.

4 Servings
prep time
Prep Time 5 minutes
cook time
Cook Time
total time
Total Time 5 minutes


  • 8

    large pimento stuffed green olives plus 2 ounces brine from the olives

  • 8 fluid ounces

    gin or vodka

  • 2 fluid ounces

    dry vermouth

  • 4

    slices COLUMBUS® Cacciatore Salami


  1. Skewer 2 olives on each of 4 cocktail picks.

  2. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add gin, vermouth and olive brine. Shake vigorously, then strain the cocktail into 4 martini glasses. Garnish with olives and one slice salami on rim. Serve immediately.