Sopressata focus is on rustic aromatic flavor with the sweet fennel seed and red pepper bringing a balance to the perfect salami. Pairs perfectly with the slow aged goodness of the red wine being slow aged into the salami and romanced with the merlot Bellavitano bringing a wine forward flavor to the forefront. Finish this off with the butteriness of the slow aged prosciutto pairing perfectly with the meaty flavor of the Castelvetrano olives, and end on a nice dried sweet note to play nicely off the merlot flavor of the cheese.

Rustic Beauty

Rustic Beauty Perfect Charcuterie Bite

Rustic Beauty

Serves 6


8 oz. COLUMBUS® Sopressata Salami
3 oz. COLUMBUS® Prosciutto
6 oz. Sartori Merlot Bellavitano cheese
4 oz. Castelvetrano olives
3 oz. strawberries
6 oz. olive oil and sea salt flatbread


1. Slice your sopressata into cracker cut slices before pairing with a shard of savory Bellavitano cheese. Red wine in both cheese and salame marry your palate with rich, robust flavor.
2. Follow up the eating experience with the sweet acidity of a strawberry and follow up with a buttery prosciutto slice.
3. Finish your pairing with the buttery acidity of a Castelvetrano olive and the crunch of flatbread cracker while enjoying a glass of wine or hard cider.


Hard Cider: Crisp and fruity refreshments complement the sweeter flavors.

Rose: Dry sweetness in the chilled wine wakes up mild and fruity bites.